Bengali Food: 10 Best and Famous West Bengal Food Dishes

Everyone in their life should try atleast one famous bengali food, their sweets have some real magic. West bengal is mostly known for its cuisines. Some of the West bengal famous food are rosogulla, sandesh, misti dai, etc. Bengal products are the best, if you love having sweets. Even if you don’t just try them for once, and we are sure that you will be going to love it.

Ask a bengali, what is his favourite sweets, and you will see him confused. Because it is very difficult to choose one over another. But let’s just have a look at the top 10 famous food of west Bengal

Top 10 Famous Bengali Food

1. Nolen Gurer Jolbhora Sandesh

These are the most famous and traditional food of West Bengal. The taste of this Nolen gurer Sandesh is tastier because it has a juicy centre. If you are visiting West Bengal, don’t forget to have this. This is the best thing I have ever had, gonna miss this the most. I have also packed some for my destination, don’t forget to grab yours.

2. Bengali Rasgulla

Rosogulla is the main sweet cuisine of West Bengal. It is made from Indian cottage cheese (Chenna) and cooked in sugar syrup. These are the very soft and spongy Bengali cuisine, making it the most comfortable food for Bengalis. `You can visit West Bengal for just trying this out.

3. Darjeeling's Kadak Masala Tea

Not only kolkata bengali foods are famous, this masala tea is also indeed very tasty and healthy. It contains a lot of good for throat products like cloves, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, etc. One can include this in their daily routine instead of milk tea. It enhanced the taste of my tea and obviously boost up my mind.

4. Kaju Paan

It is the staple food of West Bengal. Just after having one bite of it, you will not be able to control yourself from having 1 more. It is made from Kaju (Cashew), Milk, Gulkand, Silver garnish. One of the mouth-watering Bengali dishes. Do not forget to have this.

5. Jharna Ghee

This Ghee has really some magic. Like after having this I feel more energetic than ever before. I applied this on my chapatis and must say, it enhanced the taste of my meal. These are the best West Bengal food. Have some for your mom, she will surely be going to love it.

6. Bengali Kashundi

This is my new ketchup now! This ketchup fits the best with Bengali food, samosa, and other snacks. Made by blending high-quality mustard seeds with a special mix of spices.

Going to use this from now.

7. Gobindobhog Rice

Ever had lunch in West Bengal? If not, you are missing something really awesome. It is the most famous dish of West Bengal. ‘Gobind Bhog' means literally "Offering to the lord".The aroma of this sweet flavoured sweet makes it highly nutritious and has excellent taste.

8. Aam Sotto

Aam sotto is an integral food of West Bengal, made from aam. Hence, giving you the taste of mango throughout the year. This sotto is very close to the Bengalis. If you also love it, keep it in an airtight container and you can preserve it for months.

9. Posto Dana


Posto dana are the poopy seeds, one of the kolkata’s famous food. You can make a lot of things from this like sweets, namkeen’s. Mainly, it is used in the food of West Bengal. Poppy Seeds are a potential source of anti-cancer drugs and are best enjoyed in various dishes & delicacies in Bengal.

10. Darjeelin’s Black Tea Leaves

Do you also love black tea? Then try this Darjeelin’s leaves. Apart from traditional bengali food, this tea leaves are also amazing. It enhances the taste of tea. The aroma of the tea leaves is what makes it special from other leaves. Have this during the evenings and mornings, and see the freshness it will bring in your routine.