Top 10 Best Bihar Famous Food and Sweets | Must try Bihari Dishes

Bihar has some really tasty foods which cannot be found in any other place. The speciality of Bihar can be enjoyed the most in Bihar only. Every cuisine specialist'sspecialist's taste buds will be tingled by the delightful and unique Bihari dishes. Generally, the foods of Bihar are spicy and contain lots of ingredients which makes them mouth-watering and irresistible.

Let'sLet's look at some of the famous dishes of Bihar and get an idea of how they are made so tasty.

10 Best Famous Dishes of Bihar

Bihar Famous Food

1. Litti chokha

Liti chokha is the staple food of Bihar. It is best enjoyed by people who love spicy foods. Litti is made from wheat, sattu and spices, while chokha is prepared by using mixtures of potatoes, brinjals and tomatoes. Personally, it is one of my favourite Bihari cuisines. Do not forget to have this while visiting Bihar.

2. Fried beaten rice (chiwda)

It is one of the best snacks I have ever tasted. Perfect to have with your evening tea. It includes a lot of ingredients, onions and fried in oil. You can also store this in an airtight container, but make sure it is made without onions. Store and pop some whenever you want.

3. Premium Large Makhana

It is one of the famous food in Bihar, and best for those who believe in having healthy foods. The best part of makhana is that it is multipurpose. You can add this on mixtures or even have it raw. Not only is it tasty and healthy, but it is also very good for diabetes and heart patients.

4. Gaya's Gur Tilkut

Not only is Bihar famous for spicy foods, but it has some really delightful sweets also. Tilkut is a Gaya famous sweet. Do not forget to try this while visiting Bihar. Tilkut are very khasta in nature, making them more tasty and easy to bite. Make sure you pack some for your grandparents; I am sure they will love it!

5. Gaya's Puri Anarsa

This is Patna'sPatna's famous food. This nutritious and authentic Puri Anarsa from Gaya will satisfy your taste buds and fill your stomach. This is made from desi ghee, to enhance the taste of Anarsa. Make sure you don't forget to have this famous sweet of Bihar.

6. Silao ka Khaja

It is one of the Bihar traditional food; it is known for its crispiness. Not only does the Bihari love this, but it also has been demanded all over India. Khaja'sKhaja's are also famous in the parts of Odisha, especially in Puri. Do try this.

7. Gaya's khoya lai

This sweet is not only tasty, but it is also rich in protein as it contains a lot of dry fruits in it and some seeds. Its taste is very delightful because of the rose water in it, which makes it more delicious.

8. Gaya's Khoya Anarsa

This sweet comes under one of the best Bihar famous sweets. The khoya in it enhances the taste of Anarsa. If you haven't tasted this, you are really missing something amazing. Make sure you try this if you haven't tried it yet.

9. Malpua

It is one of my favourites Bihari sweets. The taste and smell of pure ghee from this is what makes it more delectable. You can also enjoy this with Rabdi, to make it more tempting. Try this combination once, for sure. You will love it.

10. Parwal Mithai

It might sound a little bit awkward, but this sweet is worth giving a try. It is both healthy and tasty. Khoya is stuffed in parwal in this sweets. This Bihar famous food is also used in festivals of Bengal'sBengal's.