Top 10 Best Famous Dishes of Punjab | You Must Try

As we all know, Punjabis are very much fond of foods and drinks. The Punjabi cuisines are not tasty, but also healthy. That’s why you might have seen Punjabi’s being in full drive and enthusiasm always.

You can also get that kind of energy, just by following their diets. There are types of Punjabi but you know, what binds them together? It’s the food of Punjab. 

10 Best Famous dishes of Punjab 

1. Desi Dhodha

This is one of the traditional food of Punjab, made from ghee, milk, coconut and dry fruits. It is named dhoda as it is related to wrestler ‘Hans Raj’. Do try this healthy food of Punjab, during your visit. 

2. Punjab di Pinni

It is one of the desserts, mostly served during winters. It is made from wheat flour, ghee, almonds and jaggery. You might get this dessert in any other part of India, but the taste of Punjab is something different. 

3. Royal Panjiri

Ever wondered, if superman would have been from India, what could have been his source of energy? Simple!

Maa ke hath ki Panjiri. Panjiri is a Punjab famous food made from Atta (Whole Wheat flour), Badam (Almonds), Kaju (Cashew), Kishmish (Raisins), Pista, Sugar, Ghee.

Panjiri is an ideal wintersweet that is loaded with health and deliciousness that gets you addicted to its divine taste.

4. Royal Gajar Pak

This item is not only Punjab special food, but it is also famous in all parts of India. You can prepare it in your home also, but the one made in Punjab is super tasty. Don’t forget to have this. 

5. Lassi

What is the famous food of Punjab? Well everyone is aware of this question. Punjabis are fans of this drink. There are varieties of lassi, you can try any one of them, and we are sure that you will surely enjoy it.

But to be specific about the flavours, you can try Kesar and strawberry, they are just mouth-watering. 

6. Aloo Paratha

Well, there are a variety of parathas, which are really healthy and tasty. But Punjabis are just obsessed with Aloo paratha. Try this Punjab traditional food with some pickles and curd. I am sure, you are going to take the next slice, even if you are full. 

7. Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature comes on top in Punjabi dishes. Everyone must have tried this dish, but the one prepared by Punjabis in Punjab tastes somewhat different. Try this with slices of onions, it increases the taste. 

8. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is a famous staple food of Punjab. Rajma chawal is a simple yet delicious meal. Rajma is enriched with iron and protein, when combined with rice it becomes a great source of carbohydrates.

This Punjabi dish is generally served with pickled onions, to enhance the taste.

Rajma Chawal has been a comforting food for many who grew up eating this great combination of lightly spiced, creamy and delicious Punjabi curry made with kidney beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. 

9. Sarson ka saag

Sarson Ka Saag is a traditional Punjab food. It is a gravy dish that is a winter staple in Northern India. This classic Punjabi dish is made with a mix of mustard leaves, spinach and bathua along with Maize flour and spices.

This famous dish of Punjab will make you hooked on it once you taste it. Traditionally, it is served with an unleavened corn-based flatbread known as Makki di Roti and a dollop of butter.

10. Shakarpara

Shakarpara is a Punjab food item. A great accompaniment to tea, Shakkarpara or Shakkarpare is a diamond-shaped sweet snack of crispy, flaky, deep-fried flour cookies coated with sugar is an indulgent Punjabi sweet.

This Indian snack is especially during the Diwali festival or during Holi as a munching snack. Since it is a deep-fried Punjabi snack so do be careful of how many you munch on.