Top 10 Best Uttar Pradesh Famous Food | You Must Try

Let’s look at some of the famous food in Uttar Pradesh, which cannot be found in any other state of India. In Spite of just samosa and other snacks, there is a lot of food name list which is more delectable. So, let’s just look at some of Agra’s famous food and also from other parts: 

Top 10  Best Uttar Pradesh Famous Food

1. Aligarh’s Dalsev

It is one of the traditional food of Uttar Pradesh, specially made in Aligarh. The best part of this sev is that it contains dry fruits also, making it more delicious. This is the snack you will come back for, after having once.

 2. Shahi Balushahi

This is the perfect sweet to take with you for your parents or relatives while going back home, they will love it. This is one of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh. The use of ghee is what makes it utterly buterly delicious. It is an Indian version of a glazed doughnut, so don’t forget to try this.

 3. Makhana Mixture

Now, this is the best mixture to have with tea in the evening. Makhana mixture is not only great in taste, but also for your health. Makhanas are very rich in nutrients, it is also beneficial for the heart. So, there is a plus point in having this mixture.

 4. Chandrakala

You cannot have a moon in your hands, but one thing you can have for sure is these silver-leafed moon-shaped bundles of sweets from Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh, stuffed with khoya and dry fruits. One cannot stop themselves from eating this.

 5. Bareilly ki Burfi

Yes, you heard it right, Bareilly ki barfi, as the name suggests it is from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh traditional food. It is prepared using Ghee, to make it more mouth-watering. Don’t forget to have this while visiting Bareilly.

 6. Mighty Kaju Dalmoth

This Dalmoth is UP’s Famous food. It contains a lot of kaju and other dry fruits in it. It is one of my favourite snacks, and you should also try it with your evening tea. We are sure, you would love it.

7. Soan Papdi

Soan papdi or patisa is one of the main cuisines of Uttar Pradesh. One of the best sweets to gift to relatives, employees or anyone. Made by combining ghee, sugar and gram flour. It is the Indian version of Cotton Candies. So, do try the traditional candy.

 8. Kaju Badam Lachcha

As the name suggests, Kaju and badam include a lot of dry fruits in them. Made from potato crisps and ghee, thus giving an original taste of the food of Uttar Pradesh. Every bite of the Lachcha gives you another level of satisfaction.

 9. Paneer Bhujia

It is one of the unique staple food of Uttar Pradesh. Made from paneer, potato, spices, and lots of dry fruits. One can just travel to Uttar Pradesh to have some of it. Paneer Bhujia is the most tempting UP food.

 10. Dum Biryani

Do you know What is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh? This finger-licking Dum Briyani. It includes a lot of spices. This is generally served with cucumbers and onions. Do try this UP famous food, if you are planning to visit Uttar Pradesh