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Gaya's Panama Lai (350 gm)

Arriving from Bihar
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*Freshly Packed on Order*

Delivered from GAYA, Bihar 

Shelf-life: 10 days from the Date of Order

Ingredients: Ramdana, Khowa/Khoya, Almonds, Gulabjal (Rose water)

Description: This special delight is as ancient as the city it's being sourced from, the city of Gaya in Bihar. The white pearls of the nutritious khubi seeds or Ramdana is present with the abundance of dry fruits, the fragrance of Gulabjal we present to you the tastiest Lai which is not only pleasant for your digestion but also has heavy doses of nutritions intact.

A premium product by Peepl Store. Specially crafted for Peepl by Sri Ram Tilkut Bhandar, Gaya.


Tags: Khubi, Ramdana, Khoya, mawa, khobi, gaya, bihar, Jharkhand, India, bodhgaya, east